Resi Action Ltd

Residential activity placements for our most vulnerable young people

Our Service

Adventurous Activities


We provide a number of adventurous outdoor activities that will enthuse and inspire your placements. We will  build confidence and character which in turn will give a fresh perspective upon which we can deliver improved life options for them.

Empathy and Engagement


Our qualified and experienced staff will engage with each young person to provide a safe and comforting environment throughout their stay, delivering the common third element of the social pedagogy model



Our fully trained staff will encourage your young people to work within a small team in order to build their self-confidence and develop their communication skills in order to help them assess and challenge their own behaviours and mindset in a safe environment. 



We have a range of accommodation options available to give us the flexibility required to deliver a diverse and engaging service.

Trained Staff


Ex-Military staff form the cornerstone of our activity delivery. Their innate leadership and motivational skills are vital to the development of the young people in our care.

Rapid Response


At Resi Action we understand the need to respond to clients' needs as swiftly as  possible. Our  team of flexible, experienced staff underpins the efficiency of our service delivery.